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What are your rates?
I find that if a one-time job is big enough that you need to hire help, it will usually cost at least a couple hundred dollars. Weekly maintenance will cost around $40.00 to $70.00 depending on the nature of the work and the hours required. All options will be discussed with you as we determine your budget requirements and the nature of the job. All jobs are started with a free assessment.

What is permaculture?
Permaculture is a design discipline that reduces manual labour and pollution of human living systems by copying the mechanisms of nature, to create human living systems that work both for nature and for us. Permaculture design turns waste streams into resource streams, and sources the needs of the system from within the system and it is a rapidly expanding discipline throughout the world.It can seem sometimes like the problems of the world are insurmountable, but Permaculture teaches us that we can meet our own food needs as well as our social and spiritual needs, healing the Earth all the while, by following the ways of nature, instead of working against them. It gives us a place to start.

What is a food forest?
Nobody has to manage or fertilize the forest, the forest takes care of itself. Why not organise our food systems to be self-managing?

A forest in nature will have different niches for plants: underground where roots are located, one for groundcovers, herbaceous perennials, shrubs, shorter trees, canopy trees, above-canopy trees and vines, which traverse these vertical horizons.

A food forest eliminates weeds and boosts yields by maximizing useful plants that can also be used for the six F's: food, fibre, fuel, fodder,‘farmaceuticals’ and fun! The plants are directly or indirectly useful to human beings, or support the crop plants. A food forest or perennial polyculture is efficient in space, provide habitat for wildlife or helpful animals, be very stable, and eliminate the need to fertilize the system from the outside.

Seattle has recently introduced a food forest in its downtown core. You can use elements of food forest polyculture even in small spaces.

Why should I go green?
Using ecological options doesn't always cost more, but it almost always lasts longer, is sourced locally, boosts the local economy, and is safer for your health and the health of your family and neighbours. There is only one Earth, and taking care of it begins by taking care of the space around you.

I work by hand rather than gas or electric when possible. I source local materials that are obtained with as little impact as possible. My soils are the highest proportion finished compost that can be found,I avoid fossil fertilizers, and use coconut coire instead of peat moss. I cycle and transport by bicycle cart whenever possible.

What won't you do?
I'm not equipped to do arbory. Nor will I mow lawns. It is not lawful to apply herbicides and pesticides in the HRM except for those that are designated not harmful for humans and pets, and shown to cause no persistent harm in the greater ecosystem.

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